Celebrating 150 years of
Excellence through Innovation

Hardy’s commitment to innovation has placed it at the cutting edge of tackle technology for 150 years.

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William Hardy set up in business in Paikes Street, Alnwick, Northumberland, as a gunsmith. The following year he took his brother, John James (known as J.J.), into partnership, and they started selling fishing tackle...
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150th Anniversary Lightweight

When we looked through Hardy's history to find the best tackle to commemorate our 150th anniversary, it was quickly agreed that the Lightweight series in the 1970 edition was the correct choice to reisssue. A series that is a true Hardy original, and also price accessible, ensures the broadest participation in our celebration of Hardy. The full range is being reissued with a nickel silver double screw line guide, raised spindle casing, and a collectable leather reel bag. The line guard is marked with an engraved commemorative dating of 1872-2022 and will only be sold until December 2022.

150th Anniversary Saint George

The 150th anniversary reel features the best of Saint George design, in a modern package that plays homage to the past. It features the company’s 1912 check mechanism which had been carefully designed to eliminate jams. This new, limited edition is released 110 years after this iconic reel was designed, and 150 years after William Hardy founded the company that made it. Limited to only 150 reels it sold out immediately and is sure to join the long list of collectible reels from Hardy.

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